“We have been trying to get retirement visas for the past two years and despite miscellaneous info, we were never able to figure out which forms were required, which had to be translated into Spanish, wording for various letters, etc. We finally had to admit defeat and started looking for someone to help guide us through the process. This was not easy and we finally found someone (by good luck not management) in Los Altos, California. Efficiency & a reasonable price are the keys – after talking to this lawyer, we took a leap of faith and sent the fee. The next day, we had a list of requirements, including links to required documents, addresses & telephone numbers, insurance recommendations, and guidance on timing. Debora Eizips-Dreymann is a lawyer specializing in immigration and translating documents. She has walked us through every step in this difficult & frustrating process and we wanted to recommend her services so anyone else trying for Spanish residency can be spared the aggravation we went through.”

— Susan and Michael B., Dickinson, TX

“Simply put, Debora was a lifesaver.  My family and I were recently approved for a Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain at the San Francisco Consulate. We would never have been able to navigate the complexities and idiosyncrasies of Spanish bureaucracy without her.  Even if we had been able, life is too short, and she has the process down pat. One of my favorite qualities of Debora’s is her responsiveness. Our situation was quite time sensitive and it was comforting knowing that she would respond within an hour or two at virtually any reasonable hour. Thank you Debora!”

— Joseph M., Seattle, WA

“I am a physician and I was looking for a someone equally professional who had all the right resources and could guide me through the entire non-lucrative residence visa and translation process. I hired Debora and her team based on recommendations on Reddit and other websites. She has been spectacular in every way. She is honest, upfront, timely, and a great communicator. As soon as I send her and email I have a reply waiting. I don’t know how she keeps track of so many little minutiae when it comes to the visa process but she somehow manages. The money was totally worth it and far less than what I would have had to pay a traditional law firm on an hourly basis. I applied for my visa, I went for my consulate appointment, I got the visa approved in 11 days, and it was painless. I recommend Debora and her team highly for anyone who values their time and is willing to pay for expertise and impeccable service.”

— Mohammad A., Portland, OR

“Working with Debora translating the required documents for Spain’s Non-Lucrative visa was an absolute pleasure. Her prompt response to my first email seeking information on certified translations was reassuring of the priority she places on timely responses. Additionally, the information she provided underscored her expertise both on translating official documents and on the specific government process we were undertaking. Once we were approved she offered additional recommendations that have helped as we navigated the residency process living in Spain. Debora’s professionalism went beyond simply providing the necessary translations; she made what could have been a nail-biting experience much easier than we could have imagined.”

— Pamela and Theodore G-F., Colonie, NY

“Early in the process of putting together the paperwork for my Spanish Visa, I found myself overwhelmed. I began looking for a person or company to help me with the process.  After getting estimates from several people I found Debora Eizips-Dreymann was the most reasonable by far. She helped my spouse and I every step of the way. She answered a myriad of questions. The bottom line is that our paperwork was accepted as complete and correct.  We actually received our Visa’s less than one month after submission. I would highly recommend Debora’s services.”

— Rick B., London, OH

“I contacted Debora for help with certified translation services only days before my Non- Lucrative Residence Visa appointment, and she ended up being so much more than a translator. I had worked hard for months to complete the paperwork for my appointment at the Spanish consulate in San Francisco without hiring someone to help, but it turned out there were many unwritten rules! Debora identified that I had the wrong health insurance and pointed me in the right direction. She answered many questions with regard to other requirements of the consulate and expedited my translation documents in the days before my appointment. I could not have gotten it done without her and wish I would have contacted her much sooner!”

— Suzanne T., Sacramento, CA

“When I went to the Spanish consulate in San Francisco with my completed application, the consular agent described my application package as ‘perfect.’ I had every document that was required. My application was approved! And, except for one (easily redone on site) that the consulate had changed recently, all were completed appropriately. Debora provided me with excellent advice, prompt and accurate service, and especially kind and generous support. I can, without reservation, highly recommend Debora for Spanish translation services and consulate application assistance.”

— Diane P., Santa Rosa, CA

“We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us. Your guidance through this bewildering process has been invaluable. You certainly went above and beyond by contacting, voluntarily, officials of various governmental entities when certain things were not going well, such as the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico, the FBI changing systems and the Post Office not forwarding our mail from the California DOJ. We were fully confident when we went to our Consulate interview for the non-lucrative visa to Spain, as we knew we were quite prepared. Indeed, the interviewer complimented us on how organized and complete were our documents. This would not have happened without you. Thanks, again, and anybody who is looking for not just an interpreter, but a gracious guide, could not find a better person than you.”

–Tom and Idalia W, Milpitas, CA

“I have been using Debora’s translation services for several years. She has translated for me legal documents regarding adoption, including court rulings, real estate documents, and medical documents. She is excellent, I regard her work highly and continue to use her services.”

— Timothy C., Panama City, Panama

“Debora supported my wife and I in obtaining resident visas to Spain. It is a long and daunting process. Debora was very patient and helpful in answering all questions promptly and clearly. She provided advice and guidance based on a great deal of experience, and she checked-in and gave encouragement when things were moving slowly. We recommend her enthusiastically! ”

— Wayne W., San Juan Capistrano, CA

“We recently completed a successful application for a non-lucrative Spanish visa which would have been unsuccessful without the hard work of Debora. She guided us through every step, and always responded promptly to any questions. This can be a very daunting process, so we would highly recommend Debora to assist with this process without reservation. Timing is critical and she kept us on schedule.”

— Jerry M. & Victor P., San Diego, CA

“Fast, efficient, courteous, professional. Ms. Dreymann was an invaluable resource with our international adoption process and we heartily recommend her services.”

— Gary and Anne G., Redwood City, CA

“I used Debora’s help for applying for a Non-Lucrative Spanish Residence Visa at the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles. Debora helped me by translating all the necessary documents as well as advise me on how to do each step of the application process. If I had questions her responses never took more than a few hours. The whole process went very smoothly and I was approved for my visa a week after my Consulate appointment. I would highly recommend Debora.”

— Tim E., San Luis Obispo, CA

“I could not have had better help and service from Debora. I was in a pickle when I contacted Debora for a number of translations that I needed to apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa at the San Francisco branch. She quickly replied to me, and started the work immediately (like I said it was a lot of translations). She answered a lot of my questions since she had experience in this type of service before. I live in Seattle, so I was sending her all my documents via email, and when she was done she expedited my paperwork back. She gave me peace of mind, and was quick to respond to my emails. Even with such a time crunch, Debora was able to finish all my translations with such a positive attitude and professionalism. She charges a fair price and for how efficient she is, it was worth it. I could not have asked for better services and help, very satisfied customer :)”

— Angelica R., Seattle, WA

“We have used Debora’s services in both interpretation and legal translations for Hebrew on several occasions. We have always been completely satisfied with her services and her turnaround time for any translation project has always been on time if not earlier than the deadline. We continue to use Debora’s services as we have always been able to count on her quality work and work ethic.”

— Elena P., Conduit Language Specialists, Westlake Village, CA

“I needed documents translated for a Spanish non-lucrative visa. I was referred to Debora and it was a great experience. From the get go she was very responsive and communicative, and the translations were done quickly. Since I am local, I was able to do a local pick up and all the documents were neatly prepared. She can also notarize documents, which I needed done as well. The documents were easily accepted by the Spanish consulate in SF. I’d gladly work with Debora again if I ever need anything translated. She is efficient and professional. Thanks again!”

— Laura J., San Francisco, CA

“We live in San Diego County and our daughter was applying for a Non-Lucrative Spanish Residence Visa in Los Angeles. We found Debora on craigslist after having poor responses from other certified translators that were local in San Diego.  We feel really fortunate to have found Debora, she not only provided translations for the standard documents required by the Consulate (FBI report, Proof of Health Insurance, Medical Certificate), but also the inordinate number of financial statements that the Los Angeles Consulate required.  We were on a very short timeline and Debora met or exceeded her time commitments every time, and provided notary and overnight delivery as part of her services.  We were extremely pleased with her competitive rates, her excellent translation services, and the additional legal advice we requested.”

— Karen P., El Cajon, CA

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Debora. I contacted her through Craigslist and hired her to provide a certified translation of a diploma from the French to English. Her fee was very competitive. I live in Boston and despite the distance between us, the transaction couldn’t have been smoother. The work that she did was highly professional, her turn-around time was outstanding (less than 24 hours), and her communication with me was reliable and fast. The translation was mailed by Debora to a third party who was pleased with the presentation and the turn-around time. I recommend her highly and will work with her again.”

— Michelle T., Jamaica Plain, MA

“I have been extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of Debora’s company service. When I first contacted her about official translations into Spanish of various documents, I received a response in minutes. Throughout the translation process the communication was excellent. She obviously cares about her customers and she’ll work with you to ensure that the translations are accurate and meet your needs. Not only are her services outstanding, but their pricing is also very fair. I have used other translation services in the past, and this was by far the most responsive. I highly recommend her! She is the very best!”

— Isabel H., Sunnyvale, CA

“Debora delivered an accurate translation by the verbally agreed upon date, and at a reasonable price. She made sure I understand weak points in the translation, due to the nature of the original document. I was very pleased with the smoothness of the business transaction. Many thanks.”

— Margaret N., Alameda, CA

“I received your last email with the translations, much sooner than I expected. THANK YOU for your professional service, the translations are accurate and clear, and THANK YOU for being so attentive to my needs.”

— Yael B., Tel Aviv, Israel

“Debora’s certified translation services were offered to me to certify my transcripts from French to English. The job is done efficiently, with great attention to details and in record time compared to other companies. I really recommend Debora for her professionalism and accurate translations.”

— Moshe O., Brooklyn, NY

“Your work is very excellent, and you proved to be a professional through and through. Thank you so much! I will certainly keep your card and will use your service for all my future translations!!”

— Avri A., Portland, OR

“I have just received the translation of my high school diploma, and wanted to thank you, for fast, professional, kind, and affordable service, that, as I mention before, is quite rare, for I have been occupied with this task for a while and had hard time finding a decent translation service in NYC, many of which did not return calls/emails or were unclear of their fees. Anyway, thanks again, you did a great job, and it was painless… I surly know where to go in the future for any translation service.”

— Yariv D., Astoria, NY

“Thank you for your assistance in English to Hebrew translation of PowerPoint slides for our troops. You completed the assignment in a very short period of time, yet with great attention to detail while using military-specific terminology. Everyone was impressed with your professionalism, diligence and reliability. The praise of your work came to me from the very top. It was our pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you. We would highly recommend you to anyone and without any reservations.”

— Branka S., 10th Special Forces Group, Fort Carson, CO

“I researched a variety of translators both in my local area, and on the Internet until I came across Debora’s translation service. I let her know that I wanted to get my birth registration document translated ASAP from Spanish to English. She was fast and reliable. I ordered the over night delivery, and received the document right on time. Just the official documents I needed in order to get my passport. Thank you Debora for your professionalism, and promptness.”

— Shannon F., Granite Falls, WA

“Debora was a great resource through a complicated process, I am sure I might not have had my non-lucrative residence visa application approved without her help.  There were plenty of moments where she was able to avoid possible complications with the application — we had to go back and forth with the insurance company a few times to get the correct language that was required in the document.  I know I would not have been able to know the Spanish in the document wasn’t precisely correct without her help.  It was also good to just have a resource for the various questions that inevitably come up with what things mean and whether they would be a problem.  Debora also knew when the Spanish Consulate changed policies and required new or different information.  Debora helped to motivate me through the paperwork and was a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommend her services to anyone going through this process!”

— Jon G., San Francisco, CA